Bad Breath?

March 30th, 2015 - By steve.mccormack

Have a look at this Oxyfresh or CloSYS web site.  The Products section is helpful.

The active ingredient is Chlorine Dioxide … and it Works!

Obviously there can be several causes of bad breath, but the “volatile sulfur compounds” that accumulate on the tongue are the number one culprit.  Click on a link below.

Oxyfresh Link

This is what clean teeth  REALLY  look like!


25 Years In 2015

March 1st, 2015 - By steve.mccormack

McCormack Dental Office

Celebrating 25 Years in St Croix Falls

IMG_4340As of 2015  I have had my dental office in St Croix Falls for 25 years !

To celebrate that milestone I decided to spearhead a campaign to get donors for these bike racks in town.  28 racks were donated at $300 apiece.

I kicked off the campaign and donated 6 racks myself.  [Better than a pig roast for my patients I thought.]

It is an effort I have undertaken to develop our city theme, “City of Trails.”   Our 4 trail types are Snow … Foot … Bike … and Water.