Your First Exam & Dental Emergencies

A patience’s first visit to our office is our opportunity to develop a new relationship and explain exactly what your treatment needs are and answer all of your questions.   It is something that sets us apart from other dentists and makes our patients come back again and again.  We strive to “Inform before we Perform.”

New adults  patient will have a thorough examination by Dr. McCormack.   We feel our comprehensive exam helps establish a relationship with Dr. McCormack.   He will thoroughly review your health history and medications … review your teeth with digital x-rays on a large screen computer … let you follow along with the examination on our  intra-oral cameras … use videos to educate you on relevant topics and more.  Then he will review all of your treatment options and suggest an order for the treatment.  Sometimes treatment can be spread over several months.


Keep 'em SmilingFor a child’s first visit we recommend a morning appointment. As a parent, you are welcome to be with your child during this appointment. However, with future appointments, we suggest that you remain in the reception room. Hard as it is to believe, most every child behaves better when we have their undivided attention…with the parent out of the room.  It is much like your child’s school teacher.  Parents don’t stick around  to oversee them.  The child learns to interact and trust the teacher .

Dr. McCormack truly enjoys children and has over 30 years experience working with them.

In preparing your child for the first visit, we recommend that you say that the dentist will “look at your teeth and count them.” You may want to practice looking in their mouth before hand. We also advise that you not over-explain too much to your child before the appointment.  Keep it short and simple.

The American Dental Association is recommending children be seen for an examination at about age ONE.    At this appointment we do an exam where the parent holds the child and we look for signs of decay or problems that need immediate attention.  We will review our recommendations for any treatment needed, and  for how to brush the child’s teeth, fluoride intake, diet, etc.

We are able to treat most children in our office, but we can refer your child’s care to a pediatric dentist if that is needed.   We will then see them at 6 month intervals after that.

If we do this  first examination at age one,  the child is very easy to work on by the age of two and a half  … with a full cleaning and fluoride application at that appointment.

Emergency Care … all ages

red crossWe recognize that emergency situations do arise … for adults & children … and we will do everything in our power to respond to your issues as quickly as possible.  If you are unsure if it is a true emergency, then just give us a call.  Kris or Debbie can help you with your questions and schedule you appropriately.

If an emergency arises, please call the office as early in the day as possible. We reserve special times for those patients with emergency needs and you will be seen as quickly as possible, most often the same day.

Please remember to bring a current list of your medications as we will review your medical history thoroughly.

Recall Visits  [3, 4, or 6 month hygiene visits]

A Healthy SmileWe believe in the benefits of regular preventive care and therefore encourage all our patients to return for consistent recall visits.   We will offer to schedule your future hygiene appointment at the time of your current visit.

At your recall visit, please advise the receptionist of any change in your address, telephone numbers, employment or insurance coverage.

Your Dental Care

QualityWe look forward to providing you with quality, straight-forward dental care. If you have any X-rays from your previous dentist (or their phone number) please bring them with you to your appointment.     Also, please bring a current list of any medications or health problems you may have.

If you should have any questions at any time about your treatment, insurance or account balance, please call us.

We will be happy to help.